One Day in Toledo!

Madrid is a beautiful city and offers a lot sightseeing and activities. But when you have more free time you should defenetly go and see other citys in the surrounding like Toledo!

History of the City

Madrid is just 65 kilometers away from the current Capitol of Spain – Madrid. First prominencethe city got by the romanian colonies. In the early modern period Toledo was a really important city in Spain, because it was the center of the Iberian Peninsula. It was the largest city and dominated the economy for much of the sixteenth century. The city was a really safe place, because it was surrounded by a powerful citywall and the deep, fast floating River Tajo. That changed in 1561 when Philip II settled his court to the close city Madrid.

How to go there?

A lot of ways will bring you to Toledo!

  • You can go with a typical tourist bus for around 25 euro.The bus will take around one hour to your destination.
  • Another option is going by renfe, this is the spanish train, it starts also close to the center and only last 30 minutes for 10,50 euro one way.

What to do in one day in Toledo?

Our collection is a mix of typical must do’s and not so common things that we thing are defenetly worth it to do.You shouldn’t stress when you have only one day – and enjoy the beautiy of the city. With that you will catch the feeling of he city.

1. Cathedral of Toledo Primada

  • This cathedral is a symbol for the city. It has a lot of histroy of the city itself. It was built as an visigoth capel than changed to a mosque and in 1226 restored to a catholic cathedral. The architecture and art is impressive!

2. Get the View of Toledo

  • To get the best view over Toledo we recommend you to go over the Puente de Alcantara which is already famous himself and walk up the little hill on the other side to ‘Fuente Nueva Paseo de la Rosa’. From there you have the hole city overview!

3. Puetene de San Martin

  • This is one of the two famous bridges in Toledo. It’s bild in the Middle Age. It has 5 amazing big aches. The biggest one is 40 meter – whats really rare construction in the world!

4. Walk down by the River Tajo

  • That’s not a tipical tourist to do! – Guess that’s why we like it so much. The river is in a small canyon and has a nice walk next to it so you can enjoy the nature.

5. Try the famous Marzipan

  • There are many legends where the marzipan is really invented. The people of Spain want to believe it was in Toledo!


Fun Fact about Toledo

In Toledo you can find the smallest window of the world. It has a entry in the Guinness Book of Records! Go and find it.



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