Madrid Outdoor Sports is an outdoor company based in Madrid. Our mission is to provide active outdoor activities in Spain’s capital and to show you the incredible nature at just 50 km from the city centre. Because there… lies the Guadarrama National Park!

Outdoor Action | All Year Round | Less Than an Hour from Madrid

 About Madrid Outdoor Sports & Guadarrama National Park

Madrid Outdoor Sports Activities

In this 150.000 acres large mountainous National Park Madrid Outdoor Sports offers you pure Outdoor Action!

You’ll be amazed at what awaits you at less than an hour from your city hotel. You can go trail running or hiking, paragliding, mountain biking, rock climbing… You name it. It’s all about Outdoor Sports in Madrid. So if you want to activate your trip to Madrid, it’s all About Madrid Outdoor Sports!

And to do this, you can choose complete Courses, but also go for a Single or Multi-Day Trip. I you’re in to trail running or triathlons, then you can let us take care of everything for your next race, right here in Madrid.

Madrid Sightrunning®Madrid Sightrunning® | Running Tours

But of course we never forget our strong point and origin: we’re based in one of Europe’s most popular cities, well known for its culture, gastronomy, history and 24/7 nightlife. In Madrid, Madrid Outdoor Sports is the only company offering Running Tours, thanks to (our own) Madrid Sightrunning®.

Our Running Tours with Madrid Sightrunning® combine running with sightseeing to help you discover the secret spots of Madrid. So are you one of those travellers who can’t leave without their running shoes? You’re at the right place!

Sightrunning through Madrid will lay out a map for you in the beginning of the trip and make navigating the city a breeze. And not only that; you’ll know what to visit, where to do it and when, all thanks to the enthusiasm and personalized care of our running guides.

The Running Tours are between 8 and 10 kms long, are always run at a pace enjoyable for all runners and will give you an excellent idea of what Spain’s capital has to offer!

Every tour starts at an (easy to find) metro station. There we simply meet at the programmed or agreed hour.

Specialized Services

And last but not least, we also offer a range of broader, outdoor-related services. We can provide Personalized Coaching, Articles, Photography, Translation, Race & Events Organisation, Expedition Logistics, Podology, Sports Nutrition and Physiotherapy.

Can´t wait to welcome you here!

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